Demolition of the existing home

``Demolition of the existing 5,000 square foot home, landscaping, and walkways is underway. Taking 20 days to complete, the site was slowly cleared to establish a clean slate for the construction of the new 34,000 square foot home. Shoring, grading, and foundational work to come!``

About 908 Bel Air Road

``With the clean up efforts completed the team has gone straight to work building the new home from the ground up. Grading of the site was completed to allow for all structural steel, concrete, and wood framing to be completed and the grandiose presence of the home has begun to take shape. With much of the rough work completed we begin to move towards completing all of our inspections and move into installation of all the finishes at the home``

About 908 Bel Air Road

``Efforts to complete the final finishes at the house have commenced. Starting with the exterior facade, all glass windows and doors are now in place and scaffolding has been erected to install all stone cladding and plaster. Glass railings around the home are being installed and flooring prep work has taken place. Soon the scaffolding will come down and the beauty of the home will truly begin to take shape``

908 Bel Air Road Progress October 2017

908 Bel Air Road moves into the next phase of development. This video was shot in October 2017 and represents the massive amount of progress achieved on this project year to date.

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